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Fiber Optic Installation

Fiber cabling

We are one of the most experienced and established fiber optic installation companies in the New York, New Jersey metropolitan area.  We specialize in the complete installation of business communication systems with structured voice and data cabling design and infrastructure.

We are committed to supplying the equipment and systems which build a scalable network that will meet your company's needs not only today, but for many years in the future.  As a Fiber Optic contractor, in addition to fiber cabling, we work with Cat 5e, Cat 6, Coax, Horizontal Cabling, Backbone Cabling, Server Room,  Data Room Building /  Datacenter Buildouts.

  • Zero-Defects Quality Program
  • High Quality Materials
  • Advanced Equipment & Tooling
  • Highly Trained Personnel
  • In-house Engineering
  • Local Prototyping
  • Expert Technical Support
  • 100% Product Guarantee
  • Fast TurnAround
  • 1-HOUR Manufacturing Available

Construction services

     Fiber optic installation
     Fiber Optic Cable Termination
     Fiber optic cable splicing                                  
     Full scope design and maintenance for fiber cabling
     Aerial cable placement
     Conduit rodding, cleaning, and cable pulling
     Underground conduit construction


     Multimode Cable
     Single Mode Cable
     ST/SC Connectors
     Fiber cabling
     Premise Data Networks
     Fiber Optic, Multimode, SC, ST, Indoor
     Outdoor - Fiber Optic Cabling   
     Multimedia Outlets
     Wall or Rack Mounted Cabinets

Fiber vs Copper

The race between Copper and Fiber was won, and the incontrovertible winner is fiber. . Whether for IP streaming video for residential consumers, Virtual Private Networking (VPN) for telecommuters, or point-to-point T1 services for businesses, only Fiber Optics can satisfy the wide-ranging needs of an entire community. Fiber Optic contractors know that the use of a Fiber Optic Network minimizes maintenance expenses because the in Fiber Optic Network signals are not affected by electrical noise. Exempt from FCC-mandated sweeps, fiber reduces operation and maintenance costs for an outside plant. Fiber also drives much longer loops than copper and there is no ongoing plant tuning. Additionally, the Fiber Optic Network has an estimated Interior/Exterior, LAN, WAN, and Plant life of more than 35 years.  On the other hand, copper cable is delicate. It only has a 25 pound pulling tension limit and kinks will ruin the high speed performance. With fiber - even though it's glass fiber - it has more strength and greater tolerance to abuse than copper wire.  Not too many years ago, fiber was a novelty, and there was little fiber optic installation experience in the industry.  Copper was the king.  In today's high speed networks the reverse is true. While copper is restricted as far as speed, fiber can look at the very high speed industry future with supreme confidence.  

The Secret To Success In Fiber Optics Installations Is Training!

Our stellar reputation among Fiber Optic contractors is due to the continuous investment we make in training each Fiber Optic Cable Technician on our staff.  We are a New York Certified M/WBE.  We are fully insured and carry all manufacturers. There is no job too small or too large. Whether you require one line or one thousand lines, we will do the job efficiently, to spec, and on budget.

Fiber cabling Project Locations

As a Fiber Optic contractor in NYC area, NYC Metro, and the greater NY Metropolitan region, most of our fiber cabling jobs or fiber optic installation projects are managed from our main office in Metro New York in Manhattan - New York, NY (NYC).  Other fiber optic cable installation assignments, including fiber optic cable splicing  and fiber cabling  for business, government, schools & universities, senior centers, hospitals, etc.,  are performed from multiple locations in the  Tri-State Metropolitan Area - NY / New York, NJ / New Jersey, CT / Connecticut, and also Miami Florida (FL).  Day-to-day fiber optic installation type jobs and fiber optic cable termination for small businesses as well as home networks are the responsibility of local cable technicians operating in NYC, Manhattan Long Island City, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Dumbo, and New York City.  We also work daily in Long Island, Nassau County and Suffolk County.  For any fiber cabling project, call us today.  You can be sure, your local fiber optic cabling contact is a fiber optic cable technician higly trained not only to install the fiber cabling for you but also to provide you with the best fiber optic products available.  If you are searching for fiber optic contractors in the NYNY and New Jersey area call Cables and Chips.

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