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Network Cable Certification

Cabling Testing

Testing a Category 6 Cabling System

While there are many challenges in specifying a category 6 cabling system, perhaps the most difficult is the interoperability between different category 6 component manufacturers. Unlike Cat5 systems, Cat6 systems frequently require a proprietary cabling system to achieve high network performance and this implies getting tied to one supplier for all your network components. However, there is a better alternative: 

Network components can be purchased from a diversity of suppliers, and the assurance that all components function well with each other is achieved through professional Network Cable Certification.  This approach has not only the benefit of remaining supplier independent, but also the advantage of significant overall savings. We specialize in helping network owners and installers test and certify that all their connecting hardware and patch cords are category 6 compliant.

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In the process of network cable certification, one of the best way to ensure the quality of a category 6 open cable cabling system is to test each step of the way using Fluke Networks standards-compliant centered test plug and new DSP Patch Cord Test Adapters.

Network Cable Certification – Focusing on the Weakest Link
If you consider the entire structured cabling channel, from the PC to the switch, the weakest link is the modular plug. This is the point that has the potential for the lowest performance. Why? Pairs get untwisted and jammed into a small space, they are crossed over each other and split, and then they are put in parallel with flat plates. Often, mechanical crimps are used to hold the cable in the plug. These crimps can crush and deform the conductors, creating impedance changes that contribute to Return Loss. Cords take a lot of abuse; they are pulled around desks and run over by chair wheels, stretched tight around fixtures and flattened by heavy furniture.

Top 5 Causes of Cabling Failures: Network Cable Certification Obstacles

    1. Modular plugs are not terminated properly
    Use the right type of plug (stranded vs. solid conductor and follow the color code).

    2. Pair-twists are not maintained
    If needed, add an additional twist to the pair when terminating the modular jack, when terminating ensure that the cutter on the termination tool is facing the right direction.

    3. Too much cable jacketing is removed
    Keep the cable jacket intact up to the connector, only remove enough jacket to terminate the pairs.

    4. Poor cable routing
    Keep cable separation from power and other telecomm cabling as needed, do not exceed 25 lb of tension on cables being pulled, watch for cable twisting and rubs on nails, screws, and even poorly drilled joists and studs.

    5. Poor documentation

    Keep good records of all cables placed in the job including all test data, leave a copy with the owner and in the distribution center.

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